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 Newsletter  Winter 2007-08


Reminder: Add Day is Approaching

Just a friendly reminder that the last day for adding courses and removing incompletes is this Friday, January 25th.  Please remember to bring your add cards to the Registrar's Office by 5:00pm on Friday.  

Annual Notification of FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. These rights include:

  • The right to inspect and review their education records within 10 days of the day the Institute receives a request for access.

  • The right to request an amendment to their education records that they believe are inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student's privacy rights under FERPA.

  • The right to provide written consent before the Institute discloses personally identifiable information from the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.

  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by theInstitute to comply with the requirments of FERPA.

Additional information regarding FERPA can now be found on the Registrar's website at

Online Bill

Bursarís statements may be viewed and paid on line. We would like to go paperless in the near future so we encourage all Caltech community members with accounts to please take advantage of your new e-bill as soon as possible.  We are using services provided by CASHNet that are available through

 This is how it works:  An e-mail is sent by CASHNet  to all accountholders after the 10th of each month and a follow-up e-mail approximately 15 days later to individuals that did not open the first e-mail.  When you go on line, you can view your balance and account activity between statements. You can also pay on line, if you like. If you pay by ACH (electronic check), it is free. However, for credit card payments, the vendor charges 2.75%. ( CASHNet accepts Discover, Mastercard and American Express only.) A parent or other party may also be set up for viewing and/or payments by you.  

(Pictured: Heidi Dillon, Bursar)

Graduating Seniors, Online Graduation Survey

Seniors can now go online to supply their hometown information for the commencement brochure and their preferred name for their diplomas.  Click here to take the survey.

Petitions: Overloads, Underloads, and more

Many student petitions can be found online at the Registrar's website under the UASH link:  In addition to Reinstatement petitions, Overload and Underload petitions can be downloaded, as well as petitions for Late Adds/Drops, petitions for Further Work and Additional E Grade.

Updating Personal Information

Be sure to review and update all your personal information, including current address, phone numbers and emergency contact information.  Simply log into access.caltech with your IMSS Username and Password and click My Personal Information.  Be sure to add a mobile number in the case of an emergency, as Caltech will phone and send a text message to your cell phone.  



Important Dates

                January 25             Last day for adding courses and removing incompletes

                Feb 6 - 12                Midterm examination period

                February 18          President's Day (Institute Holiday)

                February 19          Midterm Deficiency Notices Due to the Registrarís Office

                February 27          Last day to drop classes or to exercise your P/F option

            February 28          First day of registration for winter term

                March 4                  UASH Drop Day Meeting

                March 12                Last day of classes and to register for winter term

                March 17 -19         Final examinations

                March 26                Final grades due in the Registrarís Office

                March 31                Classes begin for spring term

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