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 Newsletter  Spring 2008-09


Reminder: Add Day is Approaching

Just a friendly reminder that the last day for adding courses and removing incompletes is this Friday, April 17th.  Please remember to bring your add cards to the Registrar's Office by 5:00pm on Friday.  

Forms Available Online

Considering a double option or a minor? Would like to change your adviser? Need to petition UASH?  You can find all the forms needed on the Registrar's website at


Quick Guide to Undergraduate Academic Ineligibility

Caltech requires undergraduates to maintain a minimum GPA and to pass a certain number of units each term to remain a student at Caltech.  Students who dip below these requirements become "academically ineligible", or more commonly known among the students, "you flamed and got UASHed".

Here is a short summary of all the ways one can become academically ineligible.  All units and courses below do not include PE.  For more detailed information on Academic Ineligibility, see pp 141-144 in the 2008-2009 Caltech Catalog.

Freshmen (first 2 terms of enrollment)

All other undergraduates

  • 24+ units of E or F

  •  3+ courses of E or F

  • After reinstatement, 6+ units of E or F anytime during the rest of freshman year

  •  Following term after reinstatement, on probation and not passing 36 units with a minimum 1.9 GPA


  • 1.4 GPA or below, any term
  • 27+ units of E or F, any term
  • 1.9 GPA or below, in an academic year (all terms attended during an academic year - fall through spring)
  • 45+ units of E or F, in an academic year
  • Passed less than 36 units in previous term or less than 99 units last three terms of attendance.
  • Following term after reinstatement, on probation and not passing 36 units with a minimum 1.9 GPA

If you become academically ineligible, you must petition the UASH (Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors) Committee to remain a student.  Generally, the Deans can reinstate after your first ineligibility (if you have 42 or fewer units of E or F).  Any subsequent ineligibility goes to UASH.  If your petition is denied, you can also apply for an appeal.  See the UASH handbook for advice on writing your petition:  Note that some options may bar you from continuing in their option if you receive less than 1.9 in an academic year.

Feel free to contact any UASH representative if you have other questions about the process.

Summary written by the Academics and Research Committee (ARC)

Freshmen - Declare Your Option

In early April the Registrarís Office emailed you regarding the selection of your option. Please make sure to return the option selection form to the Registrar's Office.  Your new option adviser will be assigned prior to online registration for fall term.


Grad Fair - April 15th

Stop by the Grad Fair, Wednesday, April 15th from 10am to 2pm in front of the Bookstore.  See samples of rings, frames and announcements.  Take care of all your Graduation needs!

Commencement 2009

This year's commencement ceremony will be held Friday, June 12th on the Beckman Mall.  All undergraduates participating in the ceremony should be at the steps of Parsons-Gate by 8:45am that day for a group photo.  Graduate students should arrive by 9:15a.m.  For further information, please see  


Important Dates

  April 17 Last day for adding courses and removing incompletes
  April 29 - May 5 Midterm examination period
  May 11 Midterm Deficiency Notices due to the Registrarís Office & Last day for seniors to remove conditions and incompletes
  May 20 Last day to drop classes or to exercise your P/F option
  May 21  First day of registration for summer and fall term
  May 25 Memorial Day (Institute Holiday)
  May 26 UASH Drop Day Meeting
  May 29 Last day of classes - seniors and graduate students
  June 3-5 Final examinations for seniors and graduate students
  June 5 Last day of classes for undergraduates; Last day to register for summer and fall terms
  June 8 Final grades for seniors and graduate students due
  June 10-12 Final examinations for undergraduates
  June 12 Commencement
  June 17 Final grades for undergraduates due
  June 24 UASH Meeting
  Tuesday, September 29 Classes begin for fall term


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